Stanford Pediatric Radiology Innovation and Translation Center Visitors Program

The Stanford Pediatric Radiology Innovation and Translation Center is delighted to extend a Visiting Fellowship opportunity, where participants will have the chance to experience our diverse and demanding clinical service, providing exposure to exceptional cases alongside internationally renowned Pediatric Radiologists. The educational emphasis extends beyond image interpretation, encompassing practical aspects of protocol design and achieving optimal image quality.


SPRITC Visitors Program

Each personally tailored program offers flexibility to accommodate the schedules of both the visitor and the sponsoring faculty member. For observation and participation in existing talks, daily readings, and section programs:

$300/day for visits of 1-4 days
$1300/week for visits of 1 week (5 days)
$1200/week for visits of 2-3 weeks
$1000/week for visits of 4-7 weeks (1 month = $4000)

Visitors Program Application
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